As a Smart Move by Japan, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Are Postponed

Jul/12/2020 08:04:38

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the International Olympic Committee and Japan were faced with a difficult question: in light of the pandemic, should the Tokyo 2020 Olympics be canceled? IOC president Thomas Bach and Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo decided that the Tokyo 2020 games need to be postponed instead of canceled. They agreed that a postponement would be no later than the summer of 2021. Thus, we will have to wait at least another year to see our favorite athletes compete. Although this initially seems like a blow to morale and the Japanese economy, this decision is actually a smart move that preserves the standards of the Olympic games.

Postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games was a smart decision for a few reasons:

First, the economic blow of canceling the games is sevens times more expensive than postponing them. The postponement will still cost a fortune, but Tokyo has already invested a lot of resources, time, and money into the games.

Second, the postponement ensures that the athletes will be in peak condition for the Olympics. At the moment, athletes don’t have the necessary access to resources necessary for proper training. In the Olympics, athletes need to perform the best that they can.

Third, it’s safer to allow for more cushion time so that a vaccine or effective drug can reach the majority of the world. If the games were to happen in the summer of 2020, then there’s still a major risk from COVID-19. There needs to be a chance for Japan to accept an influx of tourists and athletes without repercussions.
Fourth, the Olympic games give hope and joy and thus is a morale booster. It gives people the chance to show their pride for their countries as well as the athletes representing them. The games give us something to look forward to in these hard times.

Despite the games being postponed, there is still a chance that they still may be canceled in the end. If no vaccine or effective drug is found, and if the coronavirus is still spreading by summer 2021, then the chances of the Tokyo Olympic games are slim. And, Japan can only afford to postpone the games by one year. Otherwise, it could lead to its economic downfall. What’s sure is that as for now, postponement is the best decision.
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